1307_131006090020_681To make your property investment a profitable one, you need the right team working for you!

We can offer you the expertise and experience to help you find not only the most suitable property, but also the most suitable tenants, Prestige Professionals is that team.

Tenant Choice: Unlike all our competitors we will go that extra yard in choosing the right tenant. An excellent tenant does not just pay rent on time and cause no fuss. They will be extremely clean and tidy and show more care for your inclusions thereby minimising the depreciation and repairs; they will be quiet, friendly to neighbours and will come with excellent proven references. Employment confirmation and rental references are required from all applicants. Our role is to secure the best possible tenant for your investment property. All tenancy applications must provide us with written confirmation of employment and provide rental references. We confirm all references verbally by interviewing referees.

Comprehensive Management: We know that every day your investment property is empty – it costs you money! Your property will be advertised on all major websites; prestigeprofessionals.com.au, domain.com.au, realestate.com.au and justlisted.com.au circulated on our Rental Property list; promoted 24hours a day / 7 days a week in our window display. A photograph of your property will be listed, the features and benefits highlighted, indicating the date it will become available.

General: We will pay all your maintenance accounts if desired and handle all your insurance matters. We have the best tradesmen at the most competitive rates. With our vast experience we know what prices to expect on most repair and maintenance work and we constantly make sure all our tradespeople are never above expected costs.

Condition Reports: We prepare detailed Condition Reports to entering into a Tenancy Agreement. This becomes the “bench mark” for the new tenant .Our condition reports are done using a comprehensive four page report this allows for greater attention to detail.

Written Periodic Inspection Reports: All properties are inspected on a regular basis. Following each inspection we will send you a written report detailing the condition of the property, and preventative maintenance suggestions and rental review recommendations. Photos will be taken of any problem areas and submitted to you for review.

Regular Market Rental Reviews: Our job is to minimise your expenses and maximise your income – a part of which is to review rentals every 6 months in consultation with you as owner. We recommend that you take into account the impact of vacancies on your returns, and the advantage of caring tenants to look after your asset.

Arrears Control:  We have a zero tolerance policy for rental arrears. Our tenants pay using a Re Connect card system which is the most convenient and secure way of paying rent either through Bpay over the phone, direct debit, internet or at any Australia Post outlet. Re Connect  is available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. With either option the funds are electronically transferred to our account and matched against your property. Our Payment System tracks the transaction for you, and arrears are promptly acted upon – initially by phone as a “gentle reminder”, followed by letters of demand, and visits to the tenant.

Prompt Rental Statements: Our rental statements are sent to your home address or email and monies deposited to your bank account by electronic transfer of funds during the last business day of each calendar month. Mid month payments can also be arranged if required.

Collection & Payment of Outgoings: You can select to have outgoings such as council and water rates, and strata plan levies deducted from the rental received.

Detailed Yearly Statements: We will forward you a detailed end of financial year report summarising the year’s income and expenditure. Simply send this to your accountant to save time and money.